"Awaken Your BEST Self, Life & Career!"

Awakened Living is a POWERFUL "way of life!"  It’s about AWAKENING to more of your Best Self and CREATING your Best Life & Career -- something we all deserve!  It's also about experiencing the PEACE, LOVE, FREEDOM & JOY that come from BEing your TRUE Self!  

For over 35 years now, I’ve been on a Conscious-Awakening Path FILLED with personal transformation, spiritual awakenings and professional / entrepreneurial expansion. Similar to a butterfly, I’ve also been through MANY chrysalises in my own life - personally, professionally & spiritually!

Through the ups, downs & middles of my own journey, I’ve learned three essential truths:

1)  We ALL have the POWER to TRANSFORM our lives from the inside out.

2)  Our True POWER, Unique GIFTS & Soul-Full WISDOM always reside within us. 

3)  The Spiritual "Awakening" Journey is about remembering, BEing and living MORE fully & freely from our TRUE, Unlimited Divine Nature. 

"Awakened Living with Elaine" was created out of the growing need to support, inspire & gather Kindred Spirits & Light-workers (just like YOU!) who have courageously chosen to BE on a conscious-awakening path.

My intention is to offer YOU (as a Light-worker, Way-Shower & Giver) a place to:

  • RECEIVE compassionate, soul-full & loving inspiration

  • GROW personally, spiritually & yes even professionally

  • LEARN empowering & transformational practices

  • CONNECT with a variety of services for your BEST Self, Life & Career

  • ATTEND virtual events & immersion programs with other Kindred Spirits


BENEFITS: Our offerings will help you FEEL MORE inspired, centered, empowered & connected as you move through this HUMANLY-Challenging and yet SPIRITUALLY-Potent-Awakening time!

So JOIN US on this courageous & powerful journey and “Awaken MORE of Your BEST Self, Life & Career!”

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Elaine Kempski - Inspired Entrepreneur & Founder of Awakened Living with Elaine 




Over 35 years of extensive leadership, transformational coaching and organizational development experience:

  • 12 years as a Life Coach, Career Consultant & Inspired Entrepreneur
  • 24 years as a Senior Leader & Organizational Consultant within Fortune 200 Companies

Professional Certifications

  • NLP Life Coach
  • Career Direct Consultant
  • DiSC: Personality I.D. Consultant


  • MS in Organization Development (American University)
  • BS in Human Resource Management & Marketing (Neumann University)


Elaine would be happy to answer your questions.  

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